The Year 2016 in Data

The Year 2016 in my mind will be associated with three key things, with respect to data: A career transition in engineering, product development and quality management to a career in data science, big data analytics and strategy consulting Learning how to learn better – learning to update my own skills by constant study, reinforcement […]

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Big Data: Size and Velocity

One of the changes envisioned in the big data space is that there is the need to receive data that isn’t so much big in volume, as big in relevance. Perhaps this is a crucial distinction to make. Here, we examine business manifestations of relevant data, as opposed to just large volumes of data. What Managers Want From […]

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Challenges of Effective Measurement

Introduction Effective measurement is as important in the data science revolution as effective analysis is. Without data that is measured correctly, we fly blind into data analysis, and such a scenario can hardly be effective at extracting insight from the data we possess. In this post, I discuss some challenges facing effective measurement in the […]

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Insights about Data Products

Data products are one inevitable result and culmination of the information age. With enough information to process, and with enough data to build massively validated mathematical models like never before, the natural urge is to take a shot at solving some of the world’s problems that depend on data. Data Product Maturity There are some […]

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