Hypothesis Generation: A Key Data Science Challenge

Data scientists are new age explorers. Their field of exploration is rife with data from various sources. Their methods are mathematics, linear algebra, computational sciences, statistics and data visualisation. Their tools are programming languages, frameworks, libraries and statistical analysis tools. And their rewards are stepping stones, better understanding and insights. The data science process for […]

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Exploring Skewness for Odd-Exponent Transformations of Symmetric Distributions

Thanks to a question on Quora, I’ve had the chance to explore the skewness of samples from symmetric distributions, prior to and after odd exponent transformations such as . While the answer is posted there, I’d like to explore related odd transformations here and their effect on the skewness. A simple experiment below reveals the […]

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Azure ML Studio and R

A decade ago, Microsoft looked very different from the Microsoft we see today – it has been a remarkable transformation. One of the areas where MS have made a big push is machine learning and data analytics. Although the CRAN repository is going strong with >10,000 packages as of today, the MRAN repository (Microsoft’s Managed […]

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Quora Data Science Answers Roundup

I’m given to spurts of activity on Quora. Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to answer several questions there on the topics of data science, big data and data engineering. Some answers here are career-specific, while others are of a technical nature. Then there are interesting and nuanced questions that are always a […]

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The Year 2016 in Data

The Year 2016 in my mind will be associated with three key things, with respect to data: A career transition in engineering, product development and quality management to a career in data science, big data analytics and strategy consulting Learning how to learn better – learning to update my own skills by constant study, reinforcement […]

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