Github Repositories

For several things on this blog, and for things outside of its purview, I use R extensively. That said, I also develop using Python and, of late, Scala.

You can visit my Github page to learn more about the experiments I have been working on with Python and Scala. A lot of my R code is here and will also become available on my Github page.

My key projects on Github currently are:

  1. Data Analysis” – a Scala project started by me for distributed data generation and data summarisation. This is my Scala sandbox but also has what I think are some good, scalable functions for univariate and bivariate statistics. Of course, I continue to improve this code base.
  2. Data Science” – a Python repository which is full of Python notebooks that cover statistics and machine learning. A lot of my experiences over many years of teaching statistics and problem solving to engineers, and more recent experiences doing machine learning all figure in this lot.
  3. PSO Scala” – a Scala library for exploring Particle Swarm Optimization, which is for engineers a heuristic for numerical optimization of complex objective functions. The version I have here works for any arbitrary two-variable function. I hope to include support for functions with arbitrary large numbers of variables sometime in the future.
  4. NLD Scala” – a Scala library which is used for exploring dynamical and chaotic systems. Very much a work in progress, and I hope I can build a lot of interesting functionality into it.

I’m also adding to the R Explorations repository at Github, and in time, all the code on this blog will make it there.